Recalled Newsweek ‘Madam President’ Clinton Issue Hits eBay

Hillary Clinton supporters can still live a part of their dream if they so choose. Once they decide to stop protesting, they can hop online and order a commemorative edition of Newsweek that was going to be released if the former secretary of state won the presidential election.

Pictures of the recalled issue feature a photo of Clinton with the title “Madam President.” The issue was leaked before the November 8th election which led for some to decry it as evidence of a rigged system. Newsweek quickly explained itself, stating that the issue was published under a Newsweek license by Topix Media. Newsweek posted on Twitter that a “President Trump” issue was also designed.

The “Madam President” edition was quickly recalled following Trump’s win, but copies of it are for sale on eBay and at least one is garnering bids of $380 with 54 bids and 3 hrs remaining.

The “Madam President” issue could be considered a modern version of “Dewey Defeats Truman,” in which the Chicago Daily Tribune listed Thomas Dewey as the winner the day after incumbent President Harry S. Truman won an over Republican challenger and Governor of New York, Thomas Dewey, in the 1948 presidential election.

dewey-defeats-trumanIn a now-famous and iconic image, it was held up by President Truman at a public appearance following his election, smiling triumphantly at the error. Copies of that issue of the Tribune are listed at $3900 on eBay.

Newsweek editor-in-chief Jim Impoco said he was surprised by the cover when he saw it on social media. During an interview on the Media Masters podcast released Thursday, Impoco said the cover was a “routine” action of the publishing industry in the event that a result could go one of multiple ways.

“Yet in this toxic brew of electoral politics in America, it became a thing, it went viral,” Impoco said. “I actually preferred the ‘it’s rigged’ argument to the ‘boy are they dumb’ argument,” he said.

Topix Media said that only 17 of the published 125,000 “Madam President” issues sold before being recalled.

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