Larry Kudlow: ‘Everyone’s a Winner With Trump’s Across-the-Board Tax Cuts’

Veteran financial guru Larry Kudlow, who served as the Donald Trump campaign’s senior economic adviser, tells Newsmax TV that the president-elect’s tax-overhaul blueprint will benefit every economic class in America.

“When you have across-the-board tax cuts, across-the-board reductions in marginal tax rate, everyone’s a winner,” Kudlow told Steve Malzberg on “America Talks Live.”

“There are no losers in this. None. Zero,” said Kudlow, a Newsmax Finance Insider and CNBC senior contributor.

To be sure, Trump’s published tax plan on his website vows he would “reduce taxes across-the-board.”

“We’re going to broaden the base while we lower the rates and actually, if anybody looks at Trump’s plan, the middle-income people in a growth sense, do very well, almost as well as the upper bracket people,” Kudlow said.

“The upper bracket people always do better because it’s a progressive tax code. We’re the most progressive code in the world. So sure they’re going to get a cut, but mostly it’s the lower tax rate, you keep more of what you earn and it is across the board for everybody,” he said. full story

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