Obama Keeps Expanding Global Programs With U.S. Taxpayers’ Money

Obama sees U.S. Taxpayers As World's Cash Cow

President Obama, during his final overseas trip as president, exhorted “all nations” to share “the benefits of the global economy” with more people and to address what he described as the negative impacts and inequalities caused by capitalism.

A review of recently launched or expanded foreign aid projects shows there is no stopping Obama in foisting that burden upon U.S. taxpayers.

This persistent trend is evidenced by his administration’s continued global deployment of million-dollar health workers, the provision of health benefits to Pakistanis after their national government halted such assistance and the additional financing of “climate action” programs internationally, among other endeavors.

It cost taxpayers millions to enable Obama to deliver his message at the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum in Lima, Peru, where the president, other government VIPs and their security detail rented the equivalent of thousands of hotel rooms plus an unspecified number of vehicles. full story

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