Tucker Carlson Embarrasses Anti-Trump Protester over Illegal Immigration

Some great thinker at some point in history noted that nothing was uglier than logic when it was sitting on the opposite side of the table.

That must have been what this idealistic college student must have been thinking when Tucker Carlson took him to school on the issue of illegal immigration.

CARLSON: Do you think people have a right to lock their doors? Or do you think they have an obligation to let them in? You’re saying the United States has no right to prevent people who want to come here from coming here. I’m asking, do you have a right to keep people out who want to share your apartment with you?

UEMATSU: I think that’s not really a direct analogy. Obviously a nation state is very different from an individual.

CARLSON: It belongs to the citizens, so they should be able to decide who comes in or out, wouldn’t you agree? doesn’t a country belong to its citizens?

There’s certainly more, but that’s a gem from the route and Tucker’s point is similar to mine from a few days ago in my article, Think Trump Is Racist For Wanting To Follow U.S. Immigration Laws? Have You Considered Any Other Country on Earth?

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