Barack Obama’s Disastrous Legacy

Listed below is a large part of Barack Obama’s disastrous legacy as President of the United States. Let me know if I forgot anything. I guess this is what he meant by “Hope and Change.” The list will undoubtedly grow as he still has about 2 months left to inflict even more damage. Share this if you wish. Let’s pray President Trump can undo some of the damage.

Obama’s Disasters and Anti-American Actions

Signed over control of the Internet to foreign countries (including China and other entities hostile to the USA) starting October 1, 2016.

Don’t forget all the Islamic terrorist attacks on U.S. soil (Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Little Rock, the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Orlando, the Sept. 2014 stabbings and decapitation murder in Moore, Oklahoma, the little-known terror attack in Garland, Texas on 5/3/15, the 9/17/16 bombings in New Jersey and NYC; 9/17/16 stabbings at Minnesota mall, the 5 murders in a Macy’s north of Seattle, etc.).

Vetoed the bill allowing the families of 9/11 victims sue the Saudi Arabian government. Obama’s veto was overridden by Congress — the 1st congressional override during his presidency.

Issued an executive order giving the president additional power to declare Martial Law during peacetime.

In August of 2012, said Syria will have “crossed a red line” if they use chemical weapons, and warned of “enormous consequences.” In August of 2013, Syrian President al-Assad allegedly DID end up using chemical weapons against his own people (sarin gas was used to kill more than 1,400 civilians). Obama did nothing.

Refusing to call our mortal enemy by its name (won’t say “radical Islamic terrorism”).

Calling Major Nidal Hassan’s Islamic terrorist attack at Fort Hood “workplace violence.”

Letting in a record number of “refugees.” Despite ISIS vowing to infiltrate, at least 13,210 Syrian refugees have already arrived (99.1 of which are Muslims), wants to import at least 110,000 more refugees in the fiscal year 2017, 20,075 more from Syria.

No vetting of refugees for extremist views.

Purposely under-reporting the number of illegal aliens arriving in or already inside the U.S.

Refuses to establish safe zones for Syrian refugees along the Syrian border. Would rather bring them here.

Wants to bring in as many Muslim refugees as possible while refusing to help Christian refugees fleeing ISIS. Ask yourself why? Remember when he said he would “fundamentally transform America”?

Bringing those with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (Arif Alikhan, Mohammed Eliblary, Rashad Hussain, Salam al-Marayati, Imam Mohamed Magid, Eboo Patel) as advisers to the White House, DHS. 72 employees of Obama’s DHS on terror-watch list.

His lax (some would say non-existent) immigration enforcement and intentionally handcuffing the U.S. border patrol has caused the number of illegal aliens to skyrocket.

Fewer and fewer criminal illegal aliens are being deported each year. One-third of the U.S. prison population is now illegal aliens.

His executive order on illegal immigration (an attempt to protect up to 5 million illegals from deportation) that was struck down by the courts.

1,811 illegal aliens from terrorist nations scheduled to be deported “mistakenly” given U.S. citizenship.

Rushing to swear in as many new citizens as possible in 2016 to help Hillary Clinton get elected.

Secretly delaying the deportation hearings of at least 56,000 illegals from Central America.

Agencies working for Obama have allowed almost 1 million illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S., even though they have been approved by judges for deportation. That number includes 182,761 illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes inside the U.S.

Record number of illegal aliens illegally voting in U.S. elections. More Democrat voter fraud uncovered.

In October, 2016, in what’s an obvious vendetta, Obama’s DOJ filed federal contempt of court charges against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for ignoring a judge’s order. The judge ordered Arpaio to stop enforcing federal immigration laws already on the books. Arpaio refused.

More diseases now spreading in the U.S. including the Zika virus, which came from Central America, and the resurgence of old diseases like Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Malaria, Measles and Mumps.

Just prior to the 2016 presidential election, Obama encouraged illegal aliens to vote during an interview with Gina Rodriguez. Obama said there will be “no repercussions” for illegals who vote.

At least 3 million illegal aliens reportedly voted in the 2016 presidential election.

His “recess appointments” that were struck down as “illegal” by the Supreme Court.

His international “apology tour” back in ’09. Bowing to the Saudi king.

Continually criticizing the U.S. while traveling overseas.

The swap of 5 dangerous Gitmo prisoners for suspected traitor Bowe Bergdahl.

When Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi (suffering from PTSD) was arrested in Mexico after accidentally crossing the border with three weapons in his car, Obama let him languish in a Mexican prison (where Tahmooressi was tortured) for 214 days.

Sending lethal Gitmo prisoners back home, many of whom returned to the Islamic terrorism, fighting Americans on the battlefield.

Repeatedly trying to close Gitmo.

Closed all overseas CIA interrogation centers.

Outlawed CIA enhanced interrogations.

Released from Gitmo one of the Islamic terrorists responsible for the Oct. 2000 USS Cole attack.

Tying the hands of our troops overseas with insane rules of engagement.

Tying the hands of the FBI and other investigative agencies with insane political correctness (i.e.) forbidding the mention of “radical Islamic terrorism.”

No more undercover surveillance of Islamic mosques.

Tying the hands of all branches and ranks of the U.S. military with insane political correctness (i.e.) forbidding any mention of radical Islamism.

Letting more convicted criminals out of prison early than the 11 previous U.S. presidents combined. That’s all the other presidents after FDR.

Letting radical uber-left lawyer and convicted Islamic-terrorist conspirator Lynne Stewart out of prison early on 12/31/13 — an early “compassionate release” because she has terminal breast cancer. She’s still very much alive to this day.

Pulling out of Iraq too early against the advice of military leaders (led to further destabilization of the Middle East and the formation of ISIS).

Canceled a deal the U.S. had with Poland and the Czech Republic to build a missile defense base in Poland to protect against any possible future missile attacks from Iran.

Transgenders getting their choice of bathrooms.

Transgenders in the military.

The military will now pay for a service person to transition gender and the troops now have to be counseled on how to treat transgendered service people.

Overall weakening of the U.S. military. Slashing some areas of the military to pre-World War II levels. Using the military for left-wing “social engineering.” Destroying morale in the U.S. military.

Purging the U.S. military by firing or forcing out many of the best, most experienced high-ranking military officers who dared criticize the Obama agenda.

Joe Biden stupidly and recklessly outing SEAL Team 6 as the squad that killed bin Laden. Three months later 22 members of SEAL Team 6 were killed in an attack by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Weakened NASA, ended the Space Shuttle program and shut down America’s manned space program.

Due to his weak, blame-America-first leadership, the U.S. is now less respected by both allies and enemies.

Obama had a goal to “reset” relations with Russia. Now tensions with Russia are at their highest since the Cold War.

One of his first acts as president in ’09 was to send a bust of Winston Churchill — a gift to the White House from England in 2001 — back to England.

Failed to back the democratic Green Movement in Iran back in ’09.

Condemned the anti-Islamist coup attempt in Turkey in the summer of ’16.

Continually speaking out against the police before knowing all the facts (started back in ’09 with “the beer summit”).

Banned the use of some military-style equipment the police can use to protect themselves in riots and other dangerous situations.

Purposely disrespecting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when Netanyahu first visited Washington in 2010.

Using U.S. taxpayer money to campaign against Netanyahu in an Israeli election.

The Iran Deal, which gives $150 billion to the Iranians and puts Iran on track to obtain nuclear weapons.

Lifted several long-standing, effective sanctions against Iran.

Lying about the $400 million ransom payment to Iran, which was later reported to really be $1.7 BILLION in CASH in foreign currency.

Secretly lifting the sanctions on two Iranian banks, sanctions that weren’t supposed to expire for at least 7 more years.

Not bombing ISIS-controlled oil fields in Iraq and Syria for fear of doing “environmental damage and damaging infrastructure.” Means global warming/climate change (backed by still-debatable science) takes precedence over trying to totally wipe out a mortal enemy hellbent on destroying western civilization.

At a National Prayer Breakfast in Feb. 2015, when talking about ISIS and Islam reminded us to remember old “terrible deeds committed in the name of Christ,” like the Crusades, the Inquisition, American slavery and Jim Crow Laws.

Benghazi and the subsequent Benghazi cover up.

Just over a month before the 2016 presidential election, Obama’s DOJ dismissed charges against arms dealer Marc Turi. A trial for Turi could have embarrassed Obama and Hillary Clinton by calling attention to the administration’s supplying weapons to Libyan rebels that fell into the hands of Islamic extremist militants.

The big lie known as The Arab Spring.

Calling ISIS “a JV team.”

In November 2015, said publicly that ISIS was “contained.” The very next day ISIS launched the terrorist attacks in Paris, France; 130 people were murdered, many more seriously injured.

Going to a baseball game and dancing in Cuba while Belgium was under Islamic terror attack.

Reopening relations with Castro’s Communist Cuba.

Returning to golf just minutes after talking to the nation about the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

Golfing on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard while Milwaukee burned and Louisiana flooded.

Having Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton as an advisor on race relations and having Sharpton as a frequent honored guest at the White House.

Legitimizing the anti-American, anti-Israel hate group Black Lives Matter by inviting them to the White House.

Never even once got on TV to urge for calm after 9/16 Charlotte riots, post 11/16 election riots and previous riots.

His top cop Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton at a Phoenix airport while Hillary Clinton was still under FBI investigation.

Continually using radical Islamic terrorist attacks as an excuse to push his gun-control agenda, but never mentioning all the inner-city violence plaguing his hometown of Chicago.

Fast and Furious Scandal (former AG Eric Holder arming criminals in Mexico).

Former AG Eric Holder’s FBI illegally spying on Fox News reporter James Rosen and wire-tapping AP reporters.

Holder was held in contempt of Congress for failing to provide key documents pertaining to Fast & Furious, and wasn’t held accountable.

On Election Day (11/4/08) two members of the hate group the New Black Panthers were charged with intimidating voters outside a Philadelphia polling place. In May, 2009, Obama’s DOJ under Eric Holder dropped all charges.

The ACORN scandal.

Allowing the national debt sour to $20 trillion.

Despite adding $9 trillion and counting to the national debt since taking office in Jan. 2009, America’s infrastructure continues to crumble.

Lois Lerner and her IRS intentionally targeting conservative groups and Lerner’s missing e-mails (sound familiar).

The VA scandal (hiding the long amounts of time it took veterans to see a doctor at a VA hospital). Many vets died in the process.

The assault on the coal industry due to his undying belief in green energies backed by the debatable science of global warming/climate change.

Vetoed the Keystone Pipeline.

An incredibly slow response to the BP oil spill — just imagine if this happened while Bush was still president.

Ignored a judge’s order to stop a six-month offshore drilling moratorium in the months following the BP oil spill.

Used the BP oil spill to halt offshore drilling, which led to a loss of jobs and companies moving to other countries.

While halting and restricting U.S. offshore oil drilling, gave Brazil billions to do its own offshore drilling, saying the U.S. would be their best customer.

A record number (and growing number) of Americans out of the U.S. workforce (94,609,000 million as of November/2016) who are not included on “official” unemployment numbers.

A record number of people forced to work multiple jobs.

More part-time jobs due in large part to ObamaCare.

8 million more Americans living below the poverty line under Obama.

A 58% increase of black people on food stamps under Obama.

The worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.

The only U.S. president not to have a single year of at least 3.0 GDP growth during his presidency. Recent GDP growth has been barely above 1.0.

Higher (and still rising) food and energy prices.

Overall, American wages have either stagnated or declined in the last 8 years. Wages not keeping up with the rate of inflation.

20,642 new EPA regulations under Obama at a cost of $100 billion to U.S. economy.

More Federal rules and regulations than ever.

Obama’s legal battle with the Little Sisters of the Poor because the group of Catholic nuns refuse to provide contraceptive coverage under Obamacare.

His major “achievement” ObamaCare is running into major problems. Premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed. Many people say “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” and “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan” were lies. The Affordable Care Act no longer affordable for many. Fewer insurers participating.

The glitch-ridden ObamaCare website cost taxpayers $2.1 billion.

Convicted felon and Democrat dirty-tricks operative Robert Creamer visited the White House 342 times, 47 of those visits were with Obama. Creamer was caught paying agitators to provoke violence at Trump rallies.

When Obama attended the funeral of Shimon Peres, a White House press release refused to print that Jerusalem is in Israel.

Initiating a new powerful federal police force: ” “President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Report,” May 2015.. urges the federal government to federalize police training and practices, via the use of federal lawsuits, grants and threats to cut federal aid. So far… more than 30 police jurisdictions [have been forced] to adopt federal rules in a slow-motion creation of a national police system, similar to the slow-motion creation of a federal-run health-sector via ObamaCare.” —…

The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule or the Obama administration’s drive to put Section 8 housing in suburban neighborhoods and other neighborhoods deemed “not diverse enough.”

Federalized school standards – Common Core.

Giving massive stimulus sums to cronies like Solyndra and Democratic teachers unions. Little to no stimulus accounting. Remember the promise of “shovel-ready jobs”?

His Cash for Clunkers program ended up with total costs outweighing benefits by $1.4 billion.

GM government takeover swindled small stockholders out of any value of holdings.

While running in 2008, Obama promised not to renew the Patriot Act. But he DID renew the Patriot Act after being elected, and continued it with the Freedom Act.

Over $75 million tax dollars on personal vacations. Treats Air Force One like a family station wagon: 2013 Hawaii vacation incurred $7,781,361.30 in flight expenses alone. His 2013 trip to Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods alone cost taxpayers $3.6 million.

August 10 2016- Obama too busy golfing to approve rescuing hostages in Afghanistan. He decided the next day but by then they had been moved.

The 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Obama negligently encouraged children to travel alone to the US, knowing once here they disappear and later bring their relatives.

52,147 illegal alien children released by DHS into U.S. in fiscal year 2016.

Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program to grant deportation relief and temporary work authorization.

The Obama administration will fly [Central American] children at taxpayer expense into the U.S. as refugees, and the ones who don’t qualify as refugees are going to be admitted under parole.

Birth certificate leaves more questions than answers: inexcusably belated, is a “certificate of live birth,” and proven photoshopped. The person who oversaw its production was somehow the only one killed in a plane accident.

Obama’s college transcripts have never been released.

Obama certainly knew Hillary Clinton used a private email server. President, DOJ and FBI also certainly colluded to give her a pass. Obama corresponded with Clinton on her private e-mail server using a pseudonym.

Shady friends and mentors like Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, et al.

B.H.O. won’t wear the US flag pin after 9/11: “I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest. Instead, I’m going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great, and hopefully that will be a testament to my patriotism.”

ObamaPhones or free government cell phones and free minutes to certain low-income constituents on the tax-payers dime.

Obama denied ever knowing his Kenyan uncle who lived in the U.S. illegally for 43 years. But on 12-5-13 admitted that he DID know him and stayed with the uncle for three weeks while in college.

Obama’s DOJ used fines on major banks to fund left-wing groups.

9,700 California National Guard soldiers have been forced to repay their enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war.

Assembled by Disqus user John Smith ultra-Deplorable

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