Think Trump Is Racist For Wanting To Follow U.S. Immigration Laws? Have You Considered Any Other Country on Earth?

I had a good laugh after the Trump election, when, I’m told, the Canadian immigration website crashed due to upset anti-Trumpers checking on how to immigrate to Canada. It turns out that what they have in place in Canada as far as immigration requirements is much stricter than what Donald Trump wants to do here in the U.S. And all he wants to do is follow the laws already in place!

What has come to the surprise of distraught Hillary supporters is that other countries not only have and enforce immigration laws, but have much stricter laws than the United States. For example, Canada doesn’t have open borders, something failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wanted here in the U.S. You have to apply to Canada’s government and they expect you to have money in the bank along with a skill that would be worthwhile to the Canadian people – that is, you can’t just walk over into Canada and get on welfare. And even if you meet the requirements they’ll spend a lot of time, often years, checking you out (a.k.a. Vetting).

** FILE ** A fallen barbed wire fence is the only barrier between Mexico and the United States as illegal migrants cross near the town of Sasabe, state of Sonora, Mexico in this file photo taken Thursday, April 1, 2004. U.S. Border Patrol officials are seeing a significant increase in the number of illegal immigrants being smuggled through what's known as the Sasabe corridor southwest of Tucson. (AP Photo/Guillermo Arias, File) Original Filename: BUSY_CORRIDOR_LA501.jpg
A fallen barbed wire fence is the only barrier between Mexico and the United States as illegal migrants cross near the town of Sasabe, state of Sonora, Mexico.

What progressive idealists don’t seem to get is that no country can afford to allow people to migrate in only to be put on welfare because eventually the people of that country can’t afford to fund them anymore. Canada, like most countries on earth, considers the good of the Canadian people FIRST. Sound familiar? They will also look at the economics of their country and decide whether or not they are even allowing anyone to immigrate into their country because they would not want to bring in new people to compete for the jobs that their own people are needing. Does that make them racist nationalists too?

Another country of interest is Mexico. Think you can just walk across the border to Mexico like people do coming north into the United States? No way! Mexico, like Canada, will question you at their border and ask to see your passport. If you are just coming for a visit, they’ll ask what you’re planning to do in Mexico (or Canada), what you’re bringing with you, and when you’ll be going back to your country. And even then they often turn people away. And trust me, they expect you to go back when you say you will or else you’ll wind up in jail and then banned from the country for a long period of time or forever if you overstay significantly. So does that mean that Canada is a racist country? Or Mexico? Or others? Canada actually has one of the more lax, easy-going immigration policies in the world. Many countries like Japan, Denmark, Australia and Sweden have more rules and are more picky on who they allow in – a far cry from open borders.

I’d also like to ask Hillary supporters and other open-border folks if they have a lock on the door to their home. If so, why? Why not just let everyone in? Are you a racist? Do you look through the peephole to see who is on the other side of your door? Do you want to see if they have a weapon? Or if you know them and recognize them as a danger? What’s more, do you let every person into your house he wants to come in? Would you find it acceptable for that person to break into your home? Your country is your home and letting everyone in without any kind of check or vetting would be just as ridiculous as letting someone into your house without knowing who they are or getting a look at them. And if they had broken into your home illegally, would you simply say that they had a right to stay? Or would you demand that they leave and even call the police?

The bottom line is that it makes no sense for someone to want to leave the United States because Donald Trump wants to enforce our immigration laws only to immigrate to Canada, who has stricter immigration laws than the United States and already enforces them. It’s really that simple. Maybe this will be an eye opener.

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