President-Elect Trump Says Immigration, Health Care, and Jobs First Priorities

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The incoming Trump administration will focus on immigration, healthcare and jobs, President-elect Donald Trump said after a Thursday meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“A lot of really great priorities. People will be very, very happy. Well, we have a lot. We’re looking very strongly at immigration. We’re going to look at the borders, very importantly, we’re looking very strongly at healthcare and we’re looking at jobs,” Trump said. “Big league jobs.”

Shaping immigration policy to benefit America is highly popular among voters: 54 percent want immigration levels halved or reduced to zero, a new poll has found. Another 58 percent said that illegal aliens should not be permitted to stay in the country, even if they do not commit a “serious crime,” and 59 percent said that the first thing that should be done about illegal immigration is to require all U.S. employers certify that their workers are legal. full story

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