Mike Pence Responds To FBI: ‘Mishandling Classified Information Is A Crime.’

HICKORY, North Carolina — Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence tells New Hampshire residents that “mishandling classified information is a crime” and is discussing Hillary Clinton’s ethical lapses.

During a rally in North Carolina on Sunday, Pence talked about FBI Director James Comey, shortly after news broke that Comey issued a written that the bureau had “not changed” its conclusions that Clinton should not face indictment over her raucous email scandal.

Speaking at the Hickory Regional Airport, Pence said, “You have a four-star general that might get five years in prison, before the end of this year, for mishandling classified information,” of retired Gen. James Cartwright who was charged with lying to the FBI about discussing classified information with reporters about Iran’s nuclear program, during a probe.

Pence continued, “you have a sailor that just went to jail for taking a half-a-dozen photographs in a classified area of a nuclear submarine. So let me say this, if only for their decades of self-dealing with the politics of personal enrichment, mishandling classified information and compromising our national security, we must ensure that Hillary Clinton is never elected president of the United States of America.”

Pence declared, “the American people have had enough,” “and they have especially had enough of the fast and loose ethics of Bill and Hillary Clinton.” The crowd enthusiastically chanted, “Lock her up!”

FBI Director James Comey issued the bureau’s conclusion through a written statement on Sunday. This second probe into Clinton’s emails was conducted using classified materials that were unearthed in emails found in the Anthony Weiner underage sexting investigation.

Comey wrote, “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.”

Pence was not having it. “Ladies and gentlemen, mishandling classified information is a crime.” He reminded the audience that “Hillary Clinton said there’s nothing marked classified on her emails, sent or received, and the FBI director told to Congress, that’s not true.”

He also pointed out that Clinton said she did not email any classified information to anyone. “And the head of the FBI told to Congress, there was classified information that was emailed.”

Separate emails also indicated that a top State Department official had attempted to offer the FBI quid pro quo if the bureau agreed to let Clinton alter the classified status of the documents found on her private server. full story

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