TPP Has Enough Votes To Pass

According to a US trade Representative, Michael Froman, the trade bill known as TPP, has enough votes to pass if it were brought up for a vote.

“If they [House and Senate leaders] bring it forward, I think we can get the votes there,” Froman told NBC on Tuesday.

This deal has received intense criticism from a host of observers from both major parties and from independents. It is said to be worse than the NAFTA trade agreement, signed into law by President Bill Clinton, that burdens the United States with expenses, taxes, and regulations that other countries who are part of the trade agreement do not have to face. This has placed a large burden on United States manufacturing companies who have left the country in droves to relocate to countries who receive better treatment under the agreement.

TPP, involving different countries than NAFTA, has been said to be even worse of a deal for the United States than NAFTA by a host of people from both major parties along with independents in that it also burdens the United States with regulations, taxes, and other responsibilities not required of other countries participating in the agreement.

It is said that TPP will only further harm manufacturing and businesses in the United States. Donald Trump has said that TPP is worse than NAFTA and that it would be a “terrible deal” for the United States. He has also said that if elected he would renegotiate NAFTA so that the United States is on an even playing field or remove the U.S. from the agreement entirely if the other countries did not agree. Hillary Clinton has stated support for TPP but has also said she was against it. What is troubling is that she has expressed the need for a private and a public opinion on issues in order to be elected. Speculations and concern exist that she would sign TPP if elected.

Update 11/14/2016: There is no way Obama’s signature trade deal, TPP, will pass now that Donald Trump has been elected and Republicans control both houses.

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