Julian Assange Says: “Next Leak Will Lead To Arrest of Hillary Clinton”

Julian Assange of Wikileaks says that the next leak will provide enough evidence to lead to the indictment of former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton.

Wikileaks has released 35,594 Podesta emails since October 7th. They have 50,000 Podesta emails to publish.

Via a reporter in London:

“He will release more material in what he says will provide enough evidence to see Hillary Clinton arrested.” See video below:

Assange also spoke to claims by the DNC that Russia was involved in the hacking of DNC servers to obtain the emails of Clinton and others. He said that the emails in his possession were not acquired by Russia and that security for DNC servers and emails was “ripe” for hacking and could have been done by a number of other groups. He went on to say that “how” the emails were obtained was not what was important but, rather, the illegal activity and corruption on the part of the DNC and Hillary Clinton that they revealed.

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