Wikileaks – Top Democrat Strategist Warned Podesta: Hillary ‘Seems Indifferent’ To ‘Systemic Corruption’


On February 16, 2016, top-tier Democratic pollster and strategist Stan Greenberg, who advised former President Bill Clinton during his campaigns, sent an unsolicited email to Hillary Clinton’s campaign Chairman, John Podesta, criticizing Hillary Clinton for the way she was handling many aspects of her campaign.

The email released by Wikileaks highlights the fact that it is not only Republicans that have concerns over Hillary Clinton’s actions, but people within her own circle are raising similar flags.

“I think as you must that she’s put herself in a terrible box and in a position that maximizes her vulnerability”, Greenberg began the email to Podesta.

The email went on to say, “She does not talk about what she is for — and presents the whole issue of trust and integrity — surely, Barak Obama and I won’t be influenced by money as we make brave choices. It is all about trust, though she has less in the bank than the president.” full story

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