Judge Napolitano: FBI Was Told To Exonerate Hillary ‘At All Costs To Run Against Trump’

Judge Andrew Napolitano just dropped a bombshell about Hillary that could be devastating for her campaign.

While Hillary Clinton was busy suggesting Donald Trump was hiding something in his taxes, Judge Napolitano said the FBI helped hide Clinton’s crimes to keep her in the presidential race.

Judge Napolitano: “Why the FBI would look the other way in the face of the destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice is very telling. It tells me and those of us who watch these things that somewhere from above – the White House – they were told, ‘Exonerate her at all costs because she’s got to be available to run against Donald Trump.’ In fact, the evidence that the FBI has revealed since FBI Director Comey’s statement, ‘We’re not going to request an indictment,’ which happened on July 5th, two months ago, has been so damning. It is far more damning than what we knew about the case beforehand.

A lot of Americans are unsatisfied with the result of the FBI investigation because they know that a lot of people have been prosecuted for these crimes and there’s a lot of them – espionage, perjury, misleading Congress, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice. A lot of Americans have been prosecuted for these crimes with a lot less evidence than they’ve found about Mrs. Clinton.”

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