Hillary Clinton May Go To Jail After All If Rand Paul is Right

Interview With Senator Rand Paul (video follows below)

Reporter: “Recently you launched a campaign to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her crimes. How are you going to accomplish that?”

Senator Rand Paul: “We are all for it. I think an indictment would be a good idea followed by a prison sentence.”

Reporter: “Okay senator, you may be the first – may be the only senator to call for Hillary Clinton to be locked up. Why do you say that?”

Senator Rand Paul: Well you know I’m a big believer in equal protection under the law. Whether you’re rich or poor, white or black – everyone should be treated equally in the eyes of the law. I represent a lot of soldiers in Kentucky – Fort Campbell and Fort Knox. Everyone of those soldiers knows they can’t take classified information and have it on their personal computer and they know there won’t be any exceptions – that they will be prosecuted, they’ll be put in the brig, they’ll be striped of their rank and they’ll be booted out of the military. So I don’t think it’s fair to hold our soldiers, many of them enlisted men and women, to one standard and then say to Hillary Clinton, “Oh well she can do whatever she wants.

I think that anybody else in this situation would have been prosecuted including General Petraeus who had a similar situation where classified information was not where it was supposed to be and where other people had access to it and they didn’t do anything to give him a break – he was prosecuted. So I think it’s very unfair that Hillary Clinton wasn’t prosecuted and this is one among several reasons and this why I think that really, her dishonesty should preclude her from really being considered for Commander and Chief.

Reporter: Senator why do you think FBI director James Comey did not recommend her for indictment to the DOJ?

Senator Rand Paul You know, interestingly, my own personal theory on this is that he wanted to indict her and that he feels guilty that he didn’t. And I think that’s why you got this long detailed explanation of how dishonest she was. You know she didn’t actually lie to the FBI during the testimony, but she lied to the American people on multiple occasions and he pointed this out in specific detail and the FBI doesn’t have to do that. And my personal theory is that Comey feels guilty about not indicting her so that at least voters can find out that she lied many, many times to the public…”

Later in the interview Senator Paul provided his thoughts on the recent Wikileaks information that showed that Hillary Clinton personally decided that weapons would be provided to the terrorist group ISIS. Secretary Clinton had told Senator Paul, while testifying to Congress, that she did not have knowledge of such an exchange being made.

Senator Rand Paul: “It’s a felony to lie to Congress, you can get five years in prison. And we can’t continue to say that the Clinton’s are above the law…”

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