Efforts Begin To Challenge States Clinton Won

While it appears that Jill Stein has raised enough money, albeit suspiciously, to start a vote recount in Wisconsin, efforts have begun on the other side to challenge votes in three states won by Hillary Clinton: Colorado, Nevada and Virginia.

Operation Sabot 2016, started by the group Oath Keepers is contesting vote totals in Clark County in Nevada; Denver and Boulder Counties in Colorado; and Richmond, Fairfax, and Henrico Counties in Virginia.

“In all three states there were precincts where over 95 percent of the vote went to Clinton with voter turnouts above 90 percent,” wrote “Navy Jack,” an anonymous Navy veteran leading the Operation Sabot 2016 effort on the Oath Keeper’s website.

“Richmond, Denver and Clark County had precincts with more votes than registered voters,” Navy Jack continued. “This is similar to what occurred in Philadelphia back in 2012. In Virginia, Governor McAuliffe issued 60,000 autopen pardons to allow felons to vote.”

Navy Jack noted that Governor McAuliffe mailed each newly-pardoned felon a personal letter asking them to vote for Hillary Clinton, along with a voter-registration form, ballot and a postage-paid envelope.

“In each of these cases, the President Elect appears to have been disadvantaged,” Navy Jack concluded. “If recounts and investigations become inevitable, expanding the list of states to also include states won by former Secretary Clinton would be appropriate.”

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